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Ishwari Pillay
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Senior Physiotherapist

We are thrilled to introduce Ishwari, a dynamic and experienced physiotherapist, as the newest member of our Total Body Physio team. With over six years of clinical experience in physiotherapy and a significant tenure as a clinical educator, Ishwari brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice.

Background and Expertise:

Ishwari has an impressive track record of providing exceptional patient care in various settings, including hospitals, non-government organisations, and rehabilitation centre's. This diverse background has equipped her with a comprehensive skill set in diagnosing, creating treatment plans, and implementing effective physiotherapy interventions for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Her patient-centered approach emphasizes building strong relationships with patients, actively involving them in their treatment plans, and tailoring therapies to meet their specific needs and goals.

Professional Journey:

In her role as a clinical educator, Ishwari demonstrated a remarkable ability to impart knowledge and mentor future physiotherapists. This experience not only honed her communication skills but also reinforced her commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in physiotherapy. Her dedication to continual professional development ensures that she provides the most current and effective care to her patients.

Philosophy and Approach:

Ishwari's philosophy revolves around holistic and evidence-based care. She believes in the power of teamwork and collaborates effectively with multidisciplinary healthcare teams to ensure comprehensive care for her patients. Her expertise in compliance and documentation aligns seamlessly with our practice's standards, ensuring the highest quality of patient care.


Total Body Physio is proud to have Ishwari as part of our team. Her unique blend of practical experience, educational background, and passion for physiotherapy makes her a valuable asset to our organization and, most importantly, to the patients we serve. We are excited to see the positive impact she will continue to make in the lives of those seeking physiotherapy services.

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